You asked: Can we self-heal from emotional trauma?

Absolutely, yes.

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This comment expands on the bilateral movement benefits that Thom talks and wrote about.

Back in the 90s I became aware of Dr, Sunbeck's Infinity Walk Method. It's basically just walking in a figure eight pattern, ya know, the infinity symbol. At the time I was also learning some martial arts and there are some tai chi exercises such as cloud hands that function in the same way. Juggling is good too, and fun.

Thom liked that study about learning music and the benefits, especially for those who learned to play the piano. Learning to play keyboards is hard. Two hands and all those fingers have to do different things in coordination. That'll get those two brain hemispheres to cooperate!

Also related is Sanjay Gupta's book, Keep Sharp: Build a Better Brain at Any Age. In it he basically instructs us to do things differently, not to mindlessly and repetitively do the same things the same ways...drive a different route to and from work or use your non dominant hand to eat or brush your teeth. It took me about two weeks to get competent brushing my teeth with my left hand.

I remember hearing Thom talk about spacing out while brushing his teeth...use your other hand and it becomes a practice in mindfulness. I like to brush my teeth in the shower sometimes because when I'm done with the brush I can use my finger to do an even better cleaning job with my fingers that are then squeaky clean. Stick a finger up into the areas way in between your cheek and gums and you'll discover that there's a lot of plaque hiding in there that you never get with the brush alone.

That's probably too much information for some some so I'll just stop writing now

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